Friday, 26 August 2011


Toady I am in holiday mood …..I am packed and ready to go to sunny Slovakia…the weather there is absolutely gorgeous … hot and sunny so I have my magazine and new pair sandals  all set to go… 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Recently I find a lots of things unfinished….a book which for some reason takes ages to finish….a picture with just a background  painted on it….a 3D outline ….I just don’t have enough time no matter how well organized I am or how good I can multitask…I wish the day could have 26 hours….

Monday, 22 August 2011

Do not disturb......

As I mentioned before I am currently working on third issue of  Scream Queens and I decided to give you quick sneak peak…..I know I  most probably will need a couple of days before I can scream…..”finiiiiiiiished”  so from now on  Please Do Not Disturb….I am working….

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Money Issue…..

I like shoeeeeeeees…..But also I like good deal ….so when I needed new shoes I was researching and researching till I found these …..H by Hudson- still available in online shop Asos  for sale price £42 ponds which is better than original price- £130 ……Initially I was keeping eyes on Fly London boots but they were little pricy so I opted for good bargain…. and I got myself a little treat ....nice leather shoes ....H By Hudson....

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I got the news for you...

So I got the news for you ……There will be new Scream Queen Issue - number 3 this time and I was asked to do cover ….. So sorry I have to go….I will be busy....

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A piece of Art

New shoes……..I got these beauties from All Saints sale…. I can tell you that they are truly a piece of art….It was love on the first sight….

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Without words.....

And Now… An Important Message From Trevor Wright

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a regular here at Morpheus Tales. And if you’re a regular,
then chances are you know all about our line of special issues, which range from the Undead Special
Issue to the Dark Sorcery Special to the Fantasy Femmes Issue to our first Scream Queens special.
But I’m here to plug the best of the bunch: Attack Of The Scream Queens!
Attack is an issue I’m particularly proud of, and not just because I wrote the entire thing, including a stellar editorial (well it is!) or even because I’m the associate editor on the project... well, actually... yeah, those are the reasons I’m proud of it.

Buuuut, I’m also extremely proud of all the hard work that went into making this issue a success: from the beautiful and talented Scream Queens who gave very candid interviews about their lives and careers; to our proof-reader, Samuel Diamond, who kept my ramblings and misspellings to a minimum; to the awesome cover designed by artist, Lubi; and, of course, to the editor and founder of Morpheus Tales, Mr. Adam Bradley, who, for some strange reason, likes to keep giving me creative control over my projects even though I attempt to push the boundaries of his goodwill by coming up with some of the most inane ideas
imaginable. Don’t get me started on how I once wanted an entire special issue dedicated solely to
myself and one of my many unreleased movies.

Hell, anyone who ever read my “Life Serial” column already knows how vast the ego can stretch.
But I digress.

Okay, the Scream Queens issue, right...

I advise anyone who enjoys ogling halfnaked, beautiful women to pick up a copy or two for themselves and a loved one, and if you ever get bored looking at the pics, you can even read what they had to say.

That came out wrong. In all seriousness, these women give their all to their craft and to their fans. They do what they do for the love of horror. They live and breathe the genre. This is why we honour them. This is why we will continue to do so well into the future.

Working on these Scream Queens issues has been a blessing in disguise. I’ve met some amazing people and made some awesome friends. Of course these awesome friends are half naked Scream Queens, but hey, unbeknownst to my wife, I really am a people person.

You can pick up a free, yes, FREE eBook of Attack at this link:

Or you can give yourself the present we all know you deserve and purchase a stunning oversized full-colour hard copy for yourself (also at the above link).

And, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, because I’m so in tune with you, dear reader, because you always flood my inbox with your hate mail (which I know you don’t mean) because we’re always on the same page even when you’re calling for my resignation, I’ll be hard at work on Scream Queens 3! Which means more stellar editorials from yours truly, more candid interviews and more sexy half-naked pics of your favourite Scream Queens!

Yes, also unbeknownst to my wife, I’m a giver. No need to thank me.

By Trevor Wright