Monday, 9 August 2010

Hello Every One

My name is Lubi and I live in London and I am currently working with Morpheus Tales where I am responsible for editing art from designers and artsts.

I have recently completed the BA Hons Designer–Maker in London so yipiiiiiii I can officially feel arty- crafty- designee every day. Before my study in London I was receiving excellent private tuition from well know artist Rudolf Ciganik. During his lesson I learned how to deal with perspective on picture or how to draw portrait. After several years I decided to move to London and attempt some art courses here in London. I think I completed 3 or 4 art courses before I enrolled in Middlesex University where I finnaly finished my degree…..

Toaday I am just having arty crafty day so I am determine to do some pictures. So instead to dig my saving to buy a new bag or other pair of expensive jeans I decided to stand in front of easel in my London base studio and I am trying to make image which will be called ” Fantasy Women”......
So finally after days here is picture with name “Angel in the town”.
I got my easel as Christmas present and honestly I never had proper chance to use it. Most of the time when I felt inspired I  find some nice cosy place  in living room which make my partner mad, and I was creative ...
The second picture is little bit old and I still try to finish it. The theme was fantasy or mystery women. So I try to make very sexy witch who has a lot of dreadful helpers. With this one I have little helper as well-Graphic tablet. I got it as present from my best boyfriend on the world. I can say this picture is mixed media because I used everything this time pencil, watercolour even Photoshop.
I like my little collection of brushers, when I am painting I am still using a few of them so therefore I don’t need most of them but I keep buying new ones thus my collection is growing bigger and bigger.......

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