Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lego display...

My boyfriend collects everything, from bookmarks to holiday brochures. He usually keeps his collection in boxes, so when I saw his collection of Lego figures in a box covered with dust I decided to display it. I was inspired by other collectors and I made for my lovely BF a little display. I used an old picture frame, removed the glass, so I was left with just the cardboard backing from the old frame, then I painted  the cardboard with yellow paint. I choose yellow paint because I had spare yellow from bricks I bought from Ebay. When the paint was dry I took UHU glue and stuck the bricks to the framed cardboard and voila... I had the display.


  1. Awesome, this is such a cute idea! xx

  2. Pretty cool!


    Pirate Hart

  3. Omg i love this!
    Youve done a really good copy!
    Love G xx


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