Monday, 19 September 2011

What I found

What I found in my e-mail box…  I got familiar with Yoox a couple of months ago when I was searching for a nice pair of shoes. Unfortunately their shoes were too pricy for me, so I let it go and now because I have an account with them and I signed up for their newsletter, Yoox send me e-mails about their promotions. Mostly their promotions are related to fashion and I can say I am very tempted because their shoes are truly, truly amazing but today surprisingly I got a different Yoox promotion: Home Design, so I clicked on link (see below). I have to say it’s nice stuff so it’s a shame that I can not afford it at the moment because I booked a trip to Lisbon (but that is for different blog). Even I could not afford most of the items but I checked their book and I was amazed by their collection, from myself I can recommend 1000 New Eco Design and Where to Find them by Rebecca Proctor.

This book is mainly about eco design. It contains ideas about how to decorate our homes with products that do not harm the environment. But sensitivity to our planet does not mean you have to sacrifice good design and this book provides information about designers who choose ecological materials and/or methods of productions for example recycling a cardboard or wood. 

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