Sunday, 5 August 2012

Treasure hunt..

I usually do not post my clothing range because there are many fashion blogs far better than would be mine but recently people have been asking where I shopping, well, I have to say I love the bargain... so for my arty-crafty materials I always visit Cassart's 3 floor shop in Islington... they always have a good quality items on sale... for my proper shopping addiction I visit websites such as the perfect online shop for women and men... another online shop packed with affordable designer clothing... I can not forget ebay an excellent website where you can buy everything from sewing pins to cars... but my favourite is a website packed with designers such as Alessi or Diesel Home... I have to say I like to recycle, so many times I visit my local charity shops for bargain clothing, books or old picture frame for my prints... for example I pick up this lovely Reiss top from my local charity shops and I "saved" this old frame from my boyfriend's mum's bin... 

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