Sunday, 19 August 2012


I love little/big fashion projects. Back in the old days I used to make a clothers for my dolls and of course for me as well. Some of my fashion experiments were pretty bad and I got a lot of bollocking from my mum who did not understand my passion for fashion and for sewing.

I have to admit that lately I miss those days when I went to fabric shops to pick up the material for my next fashion challenge, so I took a little time off and decided to do some projects for myself. Only me and my sewing machine, bring it on!

Unfortunately for me time is a big problem, the day does not have enough hours, and this project turned out to be anything but easy. 

My big DIY projects Black Blazer...

I would like to thank a pair & spare blog which inspired me and I also to my boyfriend's dad who recycled for me a fully functional sewing machine.

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